• Collation of information and fact,
    not opinion

  • Contemporaneous, geographical,
    vehicle hire rate data.

  • Rates Comparator Reports
    and CPR Compliant Statements


Welcome to Whichrate, the home of Vehicle Hire Rate Data.

Imagine being able to access over 40 million UK vehicle hire rates spanning 8 years in a matter of clicks.
That is now possible!

We are adding over 60,000 records every day to make your job less about collecting data and more about using it effectively!

At Whichrate we understand that every claim is unique.  In response to this, we offer a bespoke service.

We have the experience and capability to identify the correct vehicle hire rate element of all vehicle Credit Hire Claims, whether simple or complex.  Our core business is the provision of contemporaneous, geographical vehicle hire rates for a wide range of vehicles.

  • We are an independent, long established and well-regarded specialist business.
  • Our products give direct online access: Whichrate Online  and  Whichrate MOJ and we also offer (for MOJ Portal) as well as the CPR compliant, Court ready bespoke Lay Witness Statements and Reports.
  • Whichrate has the ability and flexibility to identify, develop and implement proactive innovative solutions within the ever changing Credit Hire arena.
  • We attract the very best professional minds. Our team is drawn from Insurance, Legal, IT, Academia and the digital transformation sector.
  • We ensure continual professional development of our own staff and offer industry specific training to clients.

About Us

Over 25 years continuous trading experience at senior levels within the Credit Hire arena

We understand all aspects of vehicle credit hire.  That’s why insurance and legal professionals rely on our data in both pre-litigated and litigated cases.

We are committed to continuous digital transformation.  Our business has always been about intelligence gathering.

We have the reputation of being the leading and most reliable provider of vehicle hire cost data in the UK with a growing international presence.

Our highly qualified personnel have significant investigative skills and extensive court experience.

Our Services

Whichrate’s Central Data Warehouse powers our range of professional products and services

  • Our secure, unified cloud-based systems, housed in the United Kingdom, automatically collect published vehicle hire data (BHR) from both mainstream and local hire vehicle providers.
  • Where published data is lacking sufficient detail for evidential purposes, further extensive enquiries are undertaken.
  • The cost of all additional charges influencing hire costs are collected. Case specific total hire costs can be either calculated or are given as fact. Auditable enquiries are made to complete and enhance the original data, dependent on Service requested.
  • All Vehicles are grouped by reference to the ABI Vehicle Classification System.
  • All vehicle hire rates are endorsed with a verified image and are validated with either ‘block chain’ technology or timestamped metadata, ensuring immutable evidence.

Whichrate Online

A low-cost pre-litigation online User generated report giving vehicle BHR by hire company and vehicle type based on a specific date and geographical location.

Whichrate automatically captures, preserves and archives vehicle Basic Hire Rates (BHR) published by mainstream provider

The Report

  • Used for pre-litigation negotiations
  • Enables accurate Calderbank and Part 36 CPR offers to be made
  • Up to six different hire companies/vehicle rates quoted
  • Additional hire charges are given where published
  • Rates are Contemporaneous, Geographically specific and for the required vehicle types
  • Arguments regarding rates are minimised


  • Low cost easy to use online system gives Report in a few minutes – saving search times
  • Case particulars are entered online by the User and a PDF Report is generated immediately
  • Reliability and security is inbuilt and rates are supported, should a CPR compliant Statement be required
  • Whichrate’s accurate Hire Rate capture eliminates human error
  • Rigorous Quality Assurance, a full audit trail together with “Block Chain technology” ensures data integrity.

If negotiations are unsuccessful a full CPR compliant Statement of Evidence with supporting immutable exhibits is available.

Whichrate MOJ Portal Specific Report

A cost-effective complete evidence pack created in minutes online.

Designed to provide a defence against exaggerated vehicle Credit Hire costs when included as part of a claim made within the MOJ-Personal Injury Portal.

Evidence Package

  • A Comprehensive Evidence Pack with an easy to read Executive Summary of significant facts and key findings
  • Results provided are case specific and include a CPR compliant Statement of Process
  • Rates are Contemporaneous, Geographically specific and for the required vehicle types
  • Additional hire charges are fully calculated, costed and tabulated
  • Supporting immutable exhibits helps to restrict arguments to the vehicle rates quoted
  • Vehicle availability at the time of hire is indicated on exhibits


  • Evidence Pack produced in minutes offering time and quality savings Vs manual rate searches
  • Assists in the adherence to MOJ deadlines
  • Provides essential reliable key facts to enable the judiciary to make an informed determination

Should a case be withdrawn from the MOJ Personal Injury Portal and pursued at Court – a full CPR compliant Report is available.

Whichrate Comparator Reports

A Bespoke CPR compliant Statement of Evidence supported by documentary exhibits

Statements can be either Simple, Full or Complex, dependent upon the case and instructions agreed.

Different charges apply, please refer to our current fee structure.

The Statement of Evidence

  • Case specific CPR compliant, Lay Witness, Statement of Evidence
  • Give clear comprehensive tabulated results of findings
  • Rates are Contemporaneous, Geographically specific and for the required vehicle types
  • Vehicles are grouped by reference to the ABI Classification system
  • Additional Hire charges are calculated and fully integrated into Statements
  • Vehicle Hire rates give an indication of availability.


  • Highly qualified personnel with significant investigative skills and extensive court experience
  • Significant proven financial savings
  • Unbiased, independent Vehicle Hire Rates evidence supported by immutable exhibits helps restrict arguments to the vehicle rates quoted
  • Quality Assurance audit trails ensures compliance and accuracy

Strict adherence to Service Level Agreements with a Rapid Response service available if required.